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About Us

Pakistan provides you travel opportunities of all kinds, of all forms, and for everyone. We, at Vertical Explorers Expeditions Treks & Tours, believe in presenting Pakistan in a way that is quite unique, unexplored, and unhindered. V E is your unbiased expert in helping you find the perfect adventure or experimental trip. We want to show you the possibilities that are immense and unending. We make it easy for you to find all trip options "under one roof", so you only have to make one call or drop a message to explore the world of options. We help you navigate through trips to find the one that best matches your desired budget, timing, destination and activity level. And, if you cannot find the perfect preset package, we will help you customize one. Come to Pakistan, explore the deserts, take chances and trek through the world highest mountains Karakoram, Hindukush, Himalayas, bask under the glory of sun god and relax on the golden beaches, hunt the snow leopard, brown bear 'with cameras' and make wild friends in the rain forests, travel on the top of world's oldest working locomotive, or face the force of rapids and go for the river rafting on the wild rivers. Vertical Explorers will provide you all the facilities whilst you are on your personal journey - the journey of a lifetime. Believe us when we say, Possibilities are Unlimited - You only need your imagination to find them and guts to live them.

We specialize in privately-guided adventure and experimental tours to all over Pakistan.

  • Made-to-Order Itineraries: Unique Itineraries with the choice to leave any day any time: private tours allow you to choose which dates and time work best for you.

  • Privately-Professionally Guided Tours or Group Tour Options: you choose if you want to travel with a small group or in your own private departure.

  • Customizable: Not only can you pick your dates and time, but we can shorten or lengthen trip, swap hotels and activities, to meet your exact needs.

  • Guaranteed Quality: highest-quality experiences all over Pakistan. 

  • Guaranteed Lowest Prices: With an exceptional value by saving up to 40-45% vs. comparable guided tours of this same quality

  • Exceptional Group Discounts : to meet the needs of the small group traveler guided tours are structured , with set departure dates. So, if you are looking to make new friends while traveling, prefer the comfort of traveling with other people or are looking to save money with a group tour, these tours are perfect for you.


    To see Pakistan amongst the best tourists destination in the world and the company at the very zenith of the Pakistan tourism industry.


    • To promote the famous and little known places, cultures, heritage, events / festivals in Pakistan that have an undeniable charm.

    • We strive to provide services that not only satisfy our customer but also encourage them to undertake journey to Pakistan again and again.

    • We aspire to provide impeccable services so that customers identify our name with reliability and quality.

    • To provide Quality and excellence to our customers promptly and exclusively.

    • Operate tours in a way that preserves the local environments and communities we sell and customers to enjoy their trip whilst at the same time become instrumental in benefiting the locals and environment of the place, so these exciting regions will stay that way for generations to come.

    • To promote responsible tourism, by protecting the natural beauty of the place visitors are visiting. We encourage our customers to enjoy their trip whilst at the same time become instrumental in benefiting the locals and environment of the place.

    •  Promotion of alternative tourism through exploration of uncharted destinations as opposed to the concept of visiting popular areas.

    •  Promotion of adventure tourism in Pakistan. The basic emphasis is on promotion of weekend getaways to provide ideal breaks from hectic metropolitan lifestyles

    •  To work with local NGO's and Missions towards the upliftment and betterment of the region, its people and facilities and try and create employment opportunities for the community. To promote the concept of 'Business in the Wilderness' - involving the organization of business conferences at off - beat, yet well - equipped destinations, the aim being to provide holiday cum business conference venues to the corporate world.

    •  Development of special 'training-programme' packages for 'Corporate Houses' and other organizations. Specific packages are being designed for Human Resource Development Training under the VE' Employee Recreation and Development Programme.

    •  To design objective-based itineraries for schools, incorporating environmental and cultural heritage preservation programmes, in an attempt to create an awareness of and find solutions to prevalent issues.

Corporate Information

 Vertical Explorers, is a proactive travel organization in Pakistanís tourism industry. We are a professionally managed closely held agency and management control is vested with the first generation promoter entrepreneurs. Transaction level operations are executed by a team of professionally qualified professionals, who are well versed with the complexities of Travel & Tourism Trade. Our guest service team has a cumulative experience of 100 man-years in tourism industry. The team is well aware and equipped to cater to requirements of various market segments and understands the nuances of tourism in Pakistan. Pakistan Tourism Guide is an extension of our travel initiative providing the travelers interested in visiting Pakistan, all travel services under one roof.  Vertical Explorers has endured the competition of the travel industry and has its credit to several overseas tour operators through whom we get a bulk of inbound tourists.

Vertical Explorers is recognized by the Ministry of Tourism, Government of Pakistan, as a tour operator and travel agent. Apart from the official recognition, we are also proud to be associated with some of the national and international august bodies in travel and tourism industry.



Offices in Skardu, Islamabad and Karachi with networking facility with major tour operators all over Pakistan. Trekking equipment for about 80 participants at any time. Professional / technical staff along with a network of guides / instructors. Adequate infrastructure at key points for its various operations. Special understanding and deals with resorts and hotels for corporate conferences across the country, ensuring best deals combined with personalized and efficient services. An effective marketing set-up ( both internal and tie - ups with major operators ) to promote eco and adventure tourism and design special packages to promote activities; corporate incentive packages, Human Resource Development (HRD) packages, and educational-cum action based packages for schools / institutions.

























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