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Cultural exploration

The basic idea of cultural exploration is that the explorer not only documents his discoveries, but tries to learn from the culture by becoming immersed, at least to some degree.
A second goal of cultural exploration is the sharing of the new knowledge with the public, often in interesting and entertaining ways. Since the advent of the Internet, this has become much easier and lucrative. Networks such as the History Channel and the Travel Channel have created numerous shows that follow the basic tenants of cultural exploration, even though they may not use the term.
Writer, photographer and cultural explorer Eric Paul Erickson explains cultural exploration as “an expanding field that balances a fence between anthropology and tourism. A cultural explorer is not a tourist, but a traveler. The cultural explorer is not a scientist, but an observer. When the path of the cultural explorer leads him into the life of another culture, he enters as an adventurer. He experiences, documents and, above all, enjoys. By opening ourselves up to new cultures and their unique beauty we can expand our own humanity. When we return to our own cultures we bring new knowledge we can share with others. Through this exchange humankind can take amazing leaps.”
These excursions usually include close interaction with locals and often go as far as lodging in local dwellings. It is not uncommon for people to pay a great deal of money to experience the feeling of the simple life in diverse cultural valleys of North.
Individuals that return from these types of outings often describe them as life changing. It is not uncommon for them to go beyond the usual sharing of photos and venture out into the community or further, leading to public presentation of what they've learned.

Cultural Exploration in Pakistan

Take a cultural tour to Pakistan to understand what makes the country so interesting and beautiful. The people of Pakistan belong to different religions, caste and faith as such inhabitants of every region, state, city and even within it have their own set of beliefs and practices that guide them in their lives. Each of these cultural practices has its own importance and charm. On a cultural trip to Pakistan, you will not only discover the intricacies of each of these cultures individually but will also understand how so many cultures co exist peacefully.
Pakistan finds its root extend to that time which don't even exist in the yellow books of history or in the researches of historians. As the time passed, different shades of traditions and rituals have been adding to the Pakistani culture and heritage resulting in a multi hued culture which Pakistan proudly boasts of. People following different religions, caste and faith coming from various region and state have made a nice amalgamation of diverse culture enriching the Pakistani culture even more. Pakistan's culture is like a rainbow of multiple facets which accommodates music, dance, performing arts, paintings and literature in itself which have gained recognition and fame from every corner of the world.
It is not a very easy task to uncover the multiple feathers of Pakistani culture co existing with each other for centuries. You have to be prepared to spend some quality time in the country and travel a lot if you are really keen to get an in depth knowledge of the culture of Pakistan. For those who do not have much of a time, there is really nothing to worry about because even a brief glimpse of the culture of Pakistan is absolutely pleasurable.
An extensive cultural trip into the vast land of Pakistan is sure to change your taste and sense of culture for the rest of your life while you will be amazed by the cultural diversity of the country.
























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