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Handicrafts of Pakistan is just another precious stone in the bejeweled crown of Pakistani culture and heritage. Be it intricately decorated metal craft or some marvelous marble inlay work or some exquisite paintings, Pakistani handicrafts are going places with their ethnic designs and flourishing textures. The time stands testimony to the evolving of the art and craft as the civilization grew from cave to the modern cities and now Pakistani handicraft is the integrated part of the Pakistani culture leaving the whole world amazed and wanting for more. The immense magic created by the Pakistani hands is visible from the timeless artistry of the dazzling semi precious jewellery, exquisite furniture, colourful toys and dolls, beautiful paintings and enthralling sculptures.

The metal crafts of Pakistan are the fine kaleidoscope of the craftsmanship and fine arts in shaping gold, silver, brass, copper into exquisite and intricately designed images, idols, jewellery and utility items leaving a unique appeal in everyone's mind. Pakistan's fame in precious and semi-precious stone jewellery is world famous. The timeless stone jewelley are proud with their classy royalty and at the same time narrating the saga of the hands that polished the rough stone and gave its present look. Another side of the Pakistani handicrafts is the excellent paintings that Pakistan has been producing since time immortal. Started out with the rock paintings in caves, Pakistani paintings are now finding place in every art lover's house across the world. The magical and decorative earthen pots coming out from the potter's wheels are gaining salute from every corner of the globe.












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