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The glorious past of Pakistan has ensured that the present and subsequent generations have plenty of historical and cultural heritage to be proud of. The fascinating monuments and heritage sites in the country stand quietly today to retell their story of joy, sorrow, courage and sacrifice before you. Each of the story is so enchanting and singular that you will be left asking for more at the end of each narration.

For centuries, people migrating into the rich country, Pakistan, with their respective culture and tradition and later mixing with the rituals of the Pakistanis have given birth to a new colour of heritage and culture. This amalgamation of culture have slowly but gradually have enriched the values and faiths of the Pakistanis even further with each sun rise and sun set in the sky. The host country welcomed this huge change with open arms as a result of which the flavor of Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Jainism and Christianity floats in the atmosphere of Pakistan making it one of the best country of the world where Diwali, Christmas, Eid and Buddha Jayanti are celebrated with equal enthusiasm and exuberance.

As one turns the pages of history, the rich heritage of Pakistan comes alive with all its fragrance and colour which are still breathing in the heritage forts, monasteries, palaces, temples and monuments fringed in each and every corner of this multi facet country, Pakistan. The splendid architecture, minutely carved motifs, embellished facades of the heritage monuments narrate the immense skill of the craftsmen of the yore which have been fascinating the world for many centuries. If you start counting , you may fail to accommodate all the heritage sites of Pakistan in your fingers which have evolved with the passage of time. UNESCO has come up with the mission to protect these treasures which are the finest gifts to world from Pakistan so that generations to come feel them as fortunate as we consider ourselves after acquainting with these incredible Pakistani heritage sites. Be it the exquisite marble inlay work of the Sheesh Mahal or the titillating sculptures of the Buddha stupas or the excellent fusion of science and art in Harappa, Moenjodaro, Pakistan heritage sites are the manifests to the extremely rich heritage of the world.

The number of important monuments and sites in Pakistan is so great that a single tour to discover the multifarious facets of its wonderful heritage is not enough. Nevertheless, it will give you an admirable glimpse into the Pakistan's history and heritage. At the end of your trip, you will surely develop a huge respect for the Pakistani heritage while craving for more such tour in the near future.

















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