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River Rafting

The challenge of holding your balance in the midst of speedy water is what river rafting is all about. And Pakistan, with a large network of rivers, is the place to be if you wish to enjoy the thrills of rafting.

Originating from the great heights of the mountains, especially the great Karakoram, these rivers speed down in a way that makes you feel as if they are in a hurry to reach the plains and enjoy a long overdue freedom. Enroute they whirl, froth, foam and crash over rocky gorges and boulders. They make your raft wobble and wet you with an icy splash in an attempt to divert your attention.

In brief, the rivers in Pakistan exude every bit of their untamed qualities and challenge you to overpower them. Also, they put to test your strength, both physical and mental, and it is in this that the whole excitement of rafting lies.

The river rafting destinations in Pakistan are comparable to the best in the world. Also, very much like trekking, rafting in Pakistan offers different levels so that both amateurs as well as trained and professional rafters can enjoy themselves. Moreover, for those, in need of a bit of training, there are quick courses on offer too.

River Rafting Tours

1. Indus River Adventure                    (13 Days)












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