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Wildlife in Pakistan

The wildlife attractions of Pakistan are huge and worth appreciating. Numerous rare and endangered species of animals, birds and reptiles can be found in the country. The marine life is equally interesting as well. The tigers, snow leopards, black bucks, lions, cobras and peacocks are the prime wildlife attractions in the country. Apart from these, there are other wildlife species too that have commanding presence in the forest areas of the country. A wildlife trip to Pakistan will allow you a close encounter with all these marvelous wildlife species.

See these animals roaming around safely in their natural habitat on a jeep, on the back of a horse and camel or from a boat. Also, explore the interiors with the help of your guide to discover the vividness of the flora which provide shelter and food to these animals. All these are so unique and interesting in themselves that you will be forced to revisit the wildlife regions time and again.

There was a point of time in history when many wildlife species were on a brink of extinction. However, off late, the government and the people have awakened to the looming danger over the existence of these wildlife species and have brought them under the protection programs. Conscious efforts have been made in this direction and on your wildlife trip to Pakistan, you will realize the extent to which they have been successful.

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