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Southern Active Boat & Camel ( B&C) Delight


7 days of experiencing the life of nomads. Float on the rhythmic waves of the Indus, passing through the heart of Punjab - the land of five rivers. In winter the banks of the river can be underwater in summer and present a varied landscape, form sand dunes to thick jungle and then flat lands of straw and other vegetation. Enjoy the wild life at Lal Suhanra Park. Spend your nights in tents under open desert skies and camel ride to Channan Pir, famous for the annual urs when thousands flock for pilgrimage. 
Beginning your exciting trip at Multan, Arrive at Uch that contains some of the most beautiful tombs with blue glazed tile - work reflecting a distinct influence of Central Asian architecture. During the 13th century, it was the center of Islamic learning and many famous scholars and saints lie buried in this small town. Visit the spectacular tomb of Bibi Jawindi with its beautiful glazed tile decorations, the tomb of Jalal-uddin Surkh and explore the colorful covered bazaars before proceeding to Multan, the city of saints.
 Multan, which has a very ancient history and every invader who entered the Indian subcontinent from Alexander through to the Mauryans, Huns, Kushans, Arabs, Ghaznavids, Mughals and even the British struggled for its control. Walk through its color-full bazaars and visit the beautiful shrines of Bahauddin Zikria (13th cent) and Shah Rukhn-e-alam (14th Cent).Explore the color-full bazaars of Bahawalpur and visit its interesting Museum before heading for the desert driving through Lal Suhanra Park, a lovely nature reserve developed in 1972. Arrive at Channan Pir village situated in the Cholistan Desert from where your exciting Camel Safari begins. This village is named after a holy man known as Channan Pir and is famous for the annual URS (death anniversary) during springtime when thousands flock for pilgrimage to the holy manís grave at this place. Meet your Camels and the Camel men.

For the next three days you will experience the life of the nomads as you travel on Camel back from camp to camp, visiting numerous villages and nomad camps to familiarize your self with the interesting life style of the Cholistani people. Nights will be spent in tents under open desert skies ideal for star sighting and dinners will be accompanied by local music and dances. The highlight of this safari is the imposing Derawar fort built in the 9th century, where you camp for your last night in the desert after saying farewell to your Camels. Visit the over 100 years old Derawar mosque and the Royal grave yard with its beautifully decorated tombs.

Trip Features:

  • Guided by highly experienced and qaulified professionals with the help of the best supporting staff available in Pakistan, having undergone on the job training over many seasons with us. They are highly experienced at catering to the needs of our members, and do a tremendous amount to contribute to the overall success and satisfaction of our groups

  • Build your exact dream trip--Itinerary can be customized. Leaves any day you desire--Lengthen or shorten trip, if you like.

  • 4 to 5 star accommodations and services--Designed for higher end budgets (hotels can be changed for lower budgets)

  • Lowest Price guaranteed and the best value for money--Save 40-50 % vs. comparable guided tours of this same quality

  • Group Discounts Available. Details

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Departure Dates September to  April See All Dates
Trip Length 7 Days
Activities cultural exploration , Sightseeing, heritage, Boating, Camel Riding
Difficulty Level easy

 Lahore, Harappa, Bahawalpur, Multan, Uch Sharif,

Lal Suhanra National Park


Sheesh Mahal

Takhat Bhai

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7 DAYS  ITINERARY (Day by Day)


Arrival Multan today. A member of the Vertical Explorers staff will meet you at the airport and escort you to the hotel you can also arrive at Islamabad, Karachi or Lahore international airports and at the airport you will be greeted by our staff who will help you make the connecting flight to Multan.. Today either you can relax or you can enjoy an exploratory walk, wander past the traditional colourful markets. Multan, the most important city of Southern Punjab, has been famous for the pilgrimage to the sun god's temple even before Alexander laid siege to it in 326BC. However, the monuments that remain today date from the Islamic period between the 11th and 15th centuries, when Multan was a center of Sufi teachings. We visit the fort mound on which is found the landmark of Multan, the shrine of Rukne-e-Alam a renowned Sufi. The shrine of his grandson is within walking distance and here at the entrance can be found musicians singing Sufi poetry.

Meals provided: Breakfast
Accommodation:  Sunfort Hotel, Regency Inn, Pearl Continental Hotel


Today morning after breakfast at hotel drive from Multan to Taunsa on the bank of the Indus River. In the afternoon start our boat safari. We shall have a medium size, locally made wooden boat for ourselves and will tow a small boat to be used for excursions to the shore. Both boats are operated by the local fishermen who are experts in navigating them without engines, by drifting downstream on the calm waters. Overnight camp on the bank of the river..


Meals provided: Breakfast
Accommodation: Sunfort Hotel, Regency Inn, Pearl Continental Hotel


Today after breakfast we start our boat journey, floating on the rhythmic waves of the Indus we pass through the heart of Punjab - the land of five rivers. In winter the banks of the river can be underwater in summer and present a varied landscape, form sand dunes to thick jungle and then flat lands of straw and other vegetation. By evening we arrive at Ghazi Ghat on the bank of Indus river. We meet our camping staff here who travel by the jeep.


Meals provided: Breakfast


With our experience of the boating, we now begin the exploration of the once great and low lost cities of a great & by-gone civilization. Drive by soft top 4x4 jeep to Sitpur, to visit the exciting 13th century monuments in blue glazed tiles - erected to pay homage to the great Sufi Saints of that period who are still loved by the locals. We also visit the village mosque and the small sleepy village, that may spring to life to welcome the surprise guests. Later drive to Uch, the great 14th century center of Sufi Islamic teaching and learning. We visit the monuments of the landmark monuments, half fallen to the floods of the roaring rivers and the rest still bravely facing the winds of time.After visiting mystic shrines of sufi saints of Multan, we drive to Bahawalpur, about 93 kms from Multan. On arrival visit the small museum with local collection of artifact,  Cholistan desert zone,the cultural life of this area; forts, monuments, palaces, museum, zoo, stadium and a fine cricket ground in and arround Bahawalpur are main attractions. Bahawalpur was formerly the capital of Bahawalpur State, which has now included in Pakistan. Bahawalpur takes its name from Nawab Bahawalpur Khan, who founded the state in 1748 AD by raising a wall around a villa. Drive on to the shrine of the patron saint of the Cholistan desert. Here we meet our companions for the next two days - the ship of the desert & their captains - Camels and their proud and elegant owners. .


Meals provided: Breakfast
Accommodation: camp

       DAY 05:     CHANAN PIR - CAMEL SAFARI  

After breakfast at the camp we have a training session of camel riding with our camel drivers teaching us how to mount and dismount this elegant and friendly animal of the desert. Each person shall have a camel; controlled by the camel driver walking in the front holding the reigns. You may decide to trek through the desert, to have better frame for your camel pictures. By late afternoon we arrive at the camp, a small shrine in the middle of nowhere.

Meals provided: Breakfast

       DAY 06:     DERAWAR FORT

Arrive at Derawar, the largest fort of the desert that is part of the chain of forts built to protect the central Asian trade route to India proper by a Camel Caravan through Cholistan, the ninth largest desert of the world, with a varied landscape. As this is no ordinary desert, it is called the land of the lost river that once used to flow through it few thousand years ago and supporting some 406 settlements. Today we have chance to meet the nomads at the occasional water holes. 

Meals provided: Breakfast


In the morning we take a walking tour of the Derawar; its landmark fort with forty buttresses, the elegant and charming 19th century Abbasi Mosque and the exquisitely decorated tombs of the members of the royal family. Later we drive through the desert on soft top 4x4 jeeps to Bahawalpur, the capital city of the former princely state. Afternoon flight to Lahore or drive to Multan.


Meals provided: Breakfast

End of Tour

2008 & 2012 Group Departure Dates from Islamabad: 

September 15,            October 10,                November  4

 November  25,            December 15,            January  5,

 January 25,                 February 15,              March 7

 March 27,                    April 15,                    April 25   


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