Hindukush Heights

Some of the unique features of the Hindukush Heights hotel are as follows:

Water to the hotel is gravity fed from a mountain spring. It is of a quality better then most brands of bottled water. Guests at the hotel prefer the hotel water to the bottled water.

The hotel has its own hydro electric power station in addition to the electricity provided by the Govt. Chances of electric breakdown is rare.
The Hotel is free from noise and pollution. This has been made possible by locating it high above and away from the town center (15 min. drive) and connecting it through its own private road.
Heating is from hot water radiators or electricity where as other hotels use kerosene oil heaters.
Most vegetables served to guest are from the hotels own organic vegetable garden.
It is the only hotel in the area with a swimming pool.Standing in the pool you can only see mountains around and the valley below.



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