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Geographical Location:

Physical Location:

Punjab province of Pakistan



Best Time to Visit:

October to May


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Sheikhupura is an industrial city in the province of Punjab, Pakistan. It is known for its historical places, and is commonly known locally as Qila Shaikhupura, because of the fort in the city, constructed by the Mughal Emperor Jahangir. Sheikhupura is spread over an area of 5,960 square kilometers

Popular Attractions:

Sheikuupura Fort: It is one of the Mughal monuments and was built by Emperor Jahangir in 1619 AD. This Fort was constructed by Moein Khan but after his death it was completed under the supervision of Irdat Khan and also served as a resting place for the Emperor. 1.5 lac rupees were spent on the construction of this building. Lime was used in its contruction.
This fort is situated in the south west of the old city. The front door is on the west. The whole building is of 5 storeys. In the east there is a big well. On this side there is also the shrine of Shah Qaland. There are holes and trelliswork (jallian) on the walls for the sunlight.
The front door of the Fort is about 7 inches wide and is very strong. There are about 4 enclosures on the south and north walls whose inner distance is almost 11feet. Lime is the basic material which is used in its construction.
It is said that during the Sikh reign, Malayan, who was the wife of Maharajah Ranjeet Singh, built the second story of Fort. This Fort also served as a jail for many Maharajah's in Sigh reign. Arbail Singh was defeated here by the Maharajah Ranjeet Singh and he took the possession of all his property. Arbail Singh was behind many of the robbers and dacoit and the people from the city requested the Maharajah to help them against the Arbail Singh.

Hiran Minar is one of the historical monuments constructed during the Mughal reign. It is located some 6 km northeast of Sheikhupura city.
Many royal buildings were constructed here because of his importance. Shah Jahan came here on April 1634. He spent three days here and ordered to maintain the Barahdari. Eighty thousand rupees were spent on it.
The water in the pond came from the River Chinab through a little canal and then the whole pond used to be filled with this water. All the animals drank the water from here. In the beginning, the Hiran Minar used to have 5 stories but it has only left with 3.
In the Sikh reign, the Sikhs used to come here for hunting. Maharajah Ranjeet Ringh was also one of them.
From last few years the Government has used this pond for fishing. A fishing contest also take place here once in a year. Many national and international tourists came here to see this Mughalís monument.
When the construction of the Hiran Minar was completed it was some 130 feet high but later due to some accident its top story fall down and now it is 110 feet high. A spiral staircase consisting of 108 steps has been provided inside the Minar. Alongside the staircase, there are 11 ascending rectangular arched openings provided for air and light. From these ventilationís there is a good view of the pool, the Baradari and the surrounding areas. The Minar is entirely built of red stone with which gray stone has been used, in inlay to highlight the out lines, arch-forms and simple designs, precisely to provide a simple color combination to relieve the monotony of red stones but for a unique and wonderful feature which give the Minar a distinctive place in Indo-Muslim Architecture, it would have been common place and ordinary relic of Akbarís reign.

There's a large pool of water which is 750 feet wide and 890 feet long (with the area of 892*750) in the Hiran Minar. In the last few years, Government has used this pool for fishing context which occurs once in a year.

Shrine of Waris Shah
Shrine of Waris Shah is located in village Jandiala Sher Khan at a distance of 15 kilometers form Sheikhupura at Kasha roadside. Adjacent to this Shrine is the tank whose water is considered sacred by some classes of the people. An annual festival is held in July to mark the Urs of this Sufi Poet and the event is a major attraction in the area that attracts thousands of his devotees.


Sheikhupura is 35km from Lahore and well connected with Lahore and rest of the country by G.T Road.


































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