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Lowari Pass


Geographical Location:

Physical Location:

Northwest in the N.W.F.P province of Pakistan bordering Afghanistan in the Hindukush Range 

Altitude: 2900 m

Best Time to Visit:

May to October


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The Lowari Top is one of the four major mountain passes to enter Chitral. The others are the Dorah Pass from Badakshan in Afghanistan, Shandur Top from Gilgit, and Broghil from the Wakhan Corridor in Afghanistan. Lowari Top is a relatively low pass, only 10,230 feet high, which makes it by far the lowest pass to enter Chitral, the rest all being 12,000 to 15,000 feet high.
Lowari Top is closed by snow from late November to late May every year. During this time, jeeps cannot cross so men must travel by foot. This is dangerous, as there are high mountains on each side of Lowari Top, and a deadly avalanche can come at any moment without warning.
Every winter a few men are killed by avalanche while crossing Lowari Top. Their bodies are buried under the snow and it is only when the Summer comes and the snow melts that their bodies are found and their fate learned. Nevertheless, Lowari Top remains popular because it is the shortest route from Chitral to Peshawar. The other way would be down the Kunar River to Jalalabad  through Afghan Territory or the much longer route across Shandur Top to Gilgit.
Lowari Top crosses the Hindu Raj Mountains, a spur of the higher Hindu Kush. On the Chitral side of Lowari Top are the people of Ashret, who speak the Phalura language and were assigned by the Mehtar of Chitral to be the guardians of Lowari Top.In 1954, the King of Chitral was killed when his airplane crashed into Lowari Top.

There are constant proposals to dig a tunnel or a ditch through the Lowari Pass. An attempt was made to dig a tunnel under the Lowari Pass in 1980 but was abandoned after only a few hundred feet.
According to recent developments a Korean company has started work on the tunnel.





















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