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Shahbaz Gari


Geographical Location:

Physical Location:

Northwest in the N.W.F.P province of Pakistan  

Best Time to Visit:

May to October


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Shahbaz Ghari Ruins of Jamal Ghari, consisting beautiful monastery and a main stupa which is round in shape and  surrounded by chapels closely packed together, are situated on the western offshoot of Pajja hills at a distance of 20 km kilometer from Mardan.The name dates from the time of Babar who writes in his memories that it is derived from the name of famous Muslim saint, Shahbaz Qalandar. Its ancient name was varshapura of Polushah.  As a proof that it was in the past occupied by the Buddhists and Hindu races, coins of those periods are still found at the site. From the description of Song Yun, a Chinese pilgrim, it appears that it was on one of the four great cities lying along the important commercial route to the then subcontinent. It was a well-fortified town with four gates outside the northern one, on the mound known as Chajaka Dehri which was a magnificent temple containing beautiful stone images covered in gold leaves. Not far from the rocky defile of Khaperdra did Ashoka build the eastern gate of the town outside of which existed a stupa and a sangharama.
The larger mound of But-Sagru on the main road to Swabi and close to the Ziarat of Akhun Baba confirms its Buddhist origin. The votive stupa, meeting hall and monks quarters are some other important parts of this monastery. Another distinctive feature of this site is the row of separate quarters meant probably for the learned scholars or monks. The principal interest of the town to archeologist is the fact that it was the seat of the most celebrated of the jatakas and of fourteen rock edicts of Ashoka in Kharshti script, a form of Aramaic character introduced into this region by Darius the Great son of Hystaspes, about 500 B.C. According to Sir John Marshall, a famous archeologist, the stupa of jamalghari is the oldest stupa in Gandhara.  All in all, it is an interesting journey consisting of a mixture of cultures and religions. 


Shahbaz Gari is well connected by road with the rest of the country by Mardan and Swabi in NWFP province.
















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